FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

Q. - Under Windows Vista/7 I get a DllRegisterSever error while installation!
(CamUniversal, CamLAN, CamPermanent)

A. - The error could happen, if you try to install the DirectShow filters (*.ax) manually with the regsvr32 command.

Be sure, that you own the administrator rights.
Right click the exe and select "run as admin".

Or deactivate the UAC – User Account Control !

Q. - I'm using an IP-Cam/Webcam and can receive the camera video, but gets always the error: "Could not create DirectShow Filtergraph! ..." when I add the camera as new camera!
(CamUniversal, CamLAN, CamPermanent)

A. - It could be, that the DirectShow filters are not correct installed. Please go to the program directory, open a console and type>

regsvr32 crazypixelsbsf.ax
regsvr32 crazypixelstf1.ax

to reinstall the filters.
Run the console as administrator!

Alternatively run the batch install_filter.bat as administrator from the program directroy.
Then restart the program and try again!

Q. - I can't receive a picture from my Netcam (IP-cam). Which address should I insert?
CamUniversal, CamLAN, CamPermanent)

A. - You have to access the camera data through a direct link (URL). Most video devices supports these URL's to access the camera still-pictures (JPEG) and the camera video streams in different formats (MJPEG, MPEG4)!
Please look into the manual of your video device, ask the manufacturer or search the web to find the correct URL's!

See also the Support page for more information about getting the correct URL and several sample URL's!

Q. - I can't receive a picture from my Netcam (IP-cam). Which address should I insert?
(CamSurveillance, WebCam-Control-Center)

A. - You have to insert the URL which points direct to the camera picture not only to the camera webserver.
Insert instead of for your Netcam.

Q. - My webcam captures no pictures while running with a hidden video window?

A.- Please select an uncompressed video format like RGB 16/24/32, where RGB 24 is the best. Then picture capturing is possible also if the video window is hidden or behind a screensaver. If the video device driver doesn't support a RGB video format, your camera can't capture pictures with a hidden video window.