Network Camera (IP-Cam)

The WebCam-Control-Center supports several IP-Cams simultaneous! Just place the preview windows from all IP-Cams of your company on the desktop and watch them all at one moment. Or select some IP-Cams from the Internet in which you are interested.

The WebCam-Control-Center is a Webcam software that is so easy to use. It has an adjustment tool for your video device with picture taking and video recording functions; a motion detector with a lot of settings, an FTP (file transfer protocol) client to update your webpage and an Email client for sending emails with pictures or AVI videos attached. It supports serveral IP-Cams ( IP addressable network cameras ) simultaneous!

All functions which you can use for a real to the PC connected camera are supported for IP-Cams. But only for the IP-Cam which has the focus.

And you have several preview windows parallel on the desktop, the one which has the focus is signed with a little * left of the name in the caption. To change the focus just double click into the preview window.

preview window with focus preview window without focus

Watch the IP-Cam preview as fullscreen on your desktop or use the motion detection to save in intervalls pictures with different filenames on your harddisk. The intervall for the motion detection, Permanent Picture Mode, FTP transfer, Email sending depends on the intervall of the preview window. The more often you receive a picture form the IP-address the shorter could be the intervall for the other functions.

The preview on top selection works for all active preview windows. So you can place the preview windows of your selected IP-Cams as the topmost windows on your desktop.