Product Comparison

Function CamLAN Cam-
Support of Webcams (live video devices, multi port cards, grabber cards, TV tuner cards) via DirectShow compatible driver.
Support of IP-Cameras (direct access of JPEG still pictures, MJPEG streams, MPEG-4 streams).
Picture Capturing (multiple formats)
Unlimited number of video devices
Video Recording (AVI Video-Containerformat)
(CamDVR can convert the permanent videos into AVI)
Video Network (view and control all video devices on every local or remote PC through the video network server+clients).
Web Server (view and control all video devices from the local network or Internet easy with your webbrowser).
Media Viewer (view pictures and videos).
Multiple Languages Support
(Motion) Detector (with a lot of functions in case of detection).
Scheduler (with a lot of functions to run in intervals or at certain time points, intervals, etc.).
AVI Video Creator (from single images).
Permanent Video Recording (for 24/7 recording).
Integrated Video Player
Support of the RTSP protocol for IP-Cameras + video streams (YouTube, network, file, DVD, CD).
Additional Detector modes (face detection, file existence, special mode).
Multiple Email + FTP clients
Group Cameras (joins existing cameras into a new camera. So it is possible to record several cameras into one and the same video, capture into one image, etc.)
Various Image Filters (for previewing, capturing, recording, detector ...)
Pre-recorded Videos (hidden in the background -> detector usage).
Highly use of parallel processing (multiple CPU cores).
Android App for remote camera viewing