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Main Window

You see with one look, what cameras are available, in which mode they are running, the current permanent recording, motion detector and scheduler values.

Permanent Recording

In the permanent recording listview there are all cameras shown which are running the permanent recording. Informations about the written frames, the written filesize, the % amount of the maximum filesize and the recording running time are displayed. If no camera is running the permanent recording, this listview could be hidden to make the dialog more clear.

Motion Detector

In the upper listview all available cameras are shown. If the motion detector is running the listview columns are filled with informations. 


In the second listview there are shown the scheduler functions, the time range and intervals from the selected camera. If the scheduler ist active the counter shows how often the functions were executed.

Samples for the Picture Capturing

with text output, good quality

with reduced quality

as grayscale

with an overlay image

with your logo

logo with transparency

text with background

text with background

background is transparent

Permanent Video Recording

These videos are created in a proprietary fileformat. They contains no audio and no standard video codecs. These videos have a user defined filesize (resp. video length). If the adjusted filesize is reached, the video is overwritten from the beginning. So each video contains always the last 24 hours, last 3 days, etc. (depends on the settings)! These videos could be converted into AVI if needed!

For viewing of the permanent videos there is the CamPlayer included. With the CamPlayer you can view parallel how many videos you like. These videos could be already completed or still in record progress!

The CamPlayer viewing only one video!

Standard Video Recording

These recordings creates videos in the AVI fileformat. You can use the video codecs and audio devices/codecs which are available on your system. It is also possible to print a timestamp into these videos.

The timestamp could be the current time, date a self defined text and additional you could print your logo into the video!

Video Window

Here you see the current video source. You can select always on top for this window to see at every moment what's happening. For each camera you can select if you want to see the video window or not, no matter if the motion detector or scheduler is running or not.


The video windows can appear with a caption or without, with a buttonbar or without, topmost or not. From the buttonbar you could direct start the main functions. The buttonbar from a TV Tuner window owns three additional buttons to select the programs and mute the audio.


If you have the ActiveDesktop enabled, you can place the video window into the ActiveDesktop.Then the video window lays behind all program windows and behind the desktop icons. You can stretch the video window so that the video window takes the place of your desktop image!


Picture Difference Window

Display the current picture difference within the video window while motion detection is running. So you see in realtime which parts of the video are changing. This could be important for the adjustment of the motion detection settings.

Combine the Video Windows

You can combine the video windows on your desktop in different ways, to see always several videos at one moment. The video windows can fill the screen like the monitor of a doorman or they can appear where you want.


Zoom into the Video Window

With the middle mousebutton you could zoom into the video window. Press the middle mousebutton (the cursor changes into a cross), move the mouse and release the button.

AVI Video Creator

Use the integrated AVI Creator to generate a video from single images. For example you can capture single images from your camera every 30sec. through the whole day and create a video from all images showing the day in fast motion.

Integrated Webserver

Use the integrated Webserver to view all camera videos in your Internet browser and control the cameras from remote.

Media Viewer

With the integrated Media Viewer you can view all captured pictures and AVI videos. The permanent recorded videos are viewable with the CamPlayer.