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Version for Windows ™ (XP/Vista/7/8/10/Server)
Release 20. October 2015

CamPermanent is your personal digital security center software!

Why buying a digital recorder if your PC can do this work and much more?

With the permanent recording functionality you can record videos in all sizes and length. Record from all your cameras nonstop around the clock. Adjust the video filesize so that the video contains always the last 24 hours, last 8 hours, last 3 days, etc.. If the selected videofilesize is reached the video is overwritten from the beginning. Thereby the video contains always the last minutes, hours, days from the current time backward.

CamPermanent supports webcams, netcams (IP-cams) and all video devices which are working with an up to date driver for Windows. All functions are working for all connected cameras parallel! Additional CamPermanent includes a Network Server Client functionality to send the video from all cameras from one server PC to all connected client PCs (RemoteCam) and it includes a Webserver for direct access of all camera videos per simple HTTP request!

From CamPermanents point of view the cameras are divided into 3 groups.
The number of running cameras in the program is not limited!

  • Netcams (IP-cams) which are accessible through their IP-address. These are cameras within your LAN, WAN or from the Internet. CamPermanent supports Netcams running in the still picture mode and Netcams which are streaming their video in the motion-JPEG (MJPEG) and in the MPEG-4 format!
  • Webcams and additional video devices like TV Tuner, grabber/capture cards, etc.. These cameras are mostly direct connected to the PC via USB, parallel port or built-in. If you are using several USB devices parallel, please know, that the USB bandwidth is the limit. Use active USB hubs in critical cases!
  • RemoteCams - These are all cameras which are receiving their video from a further instance of CamPermanent (CamLAN or CamUniversal). With the integrated Video Network it is possible to send and receive the video from all cameras which are running at a further instance of CamPermanent. All cameras of the first two categories could be a RemoteCam. So you could view all webcams connected to PC1 on all PCs connected to your network.

Permanent Video Recording

Like a professional digital recorder CamPermanent has the ability to record nonstop from all your cameras!

  • record nonstop from all cameras (in a proprietary format)
  • select the record length resp. video filesize
  • if the maximum filesize is reached, the record starts from the beginning
  • record for each camera into a video, which contains always the last 24 hours or last 8 hours (or what period is selected)
  • create for each camera for every day a new video, so you have always videos from the last days
  • use the scheduler to delete or move old videos to free harddisk space
  • use the external CamPlayer to view all recorded videos after or while recording
  • convert the recorded videos from the permanent format into AVI
  • adjust the video quality, fps, filesize
  • permanent recording sessions could be started manually or via scheduler


Additional there is a scheduler working for all further video demands. The scheduler works in all selectable time ranges and intervals, with so many functions, that every demand is fulfilled!
For example you could create a scheduler job,
  • which runs from 8:00 to 11:00 and captures every 10 sec. a picture,
  • additional create a job which FTP uploads all pictures and files from a selectable directory every day at 11:30
  • additional create a job which FTP uploads every 60sec. a picture to your homepage
  • additional create a job which records a video every Monday at 9:00 with a length of 5min.
  • additional create a job which sends the last captured picture by email every day
  • additional create a job which creates a new directory every day at 10:00 and moves all today captured pictures to it
  • and much more ... 

For each camera there could be unlimited jobs and each job has its own settings and functions!

All cameras and all functions are working simultaneous! The motion detector runs parallel to the scheduler.
Easily could the video picture of all cameras be uploaded in intervals to a webpage and additional all cameras within a company's LAN could work as a surveillance system!

Picture Capture

All pictures could be captured in different formats ( JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF ).
The picture resolution could be the original resolution or a custom resolution. 
The picture could be colored, grayscale, black & white, with time, date or text output, with an overly logo image, with transparency or not. The picture filename could be built from a custom selected text, the current time, the current date and/or a number!

Standard Video Record

CamPermanent uses the DirectShow component of DirectX for the standard video recording. So you could use all in your system installed video and audio codecs and all installed video and audio devices for the video recording.
Additional CamPermanent supports a timestamp into the video. This timestamp could be the current time/date a usertext and additional a logo bitmap.

This standard video recording generates AVI video files in contrast to the permanent video recording which generates video files in a proprietary format! But these videos could also be converted into AVI.

Introduction to DirectShow
Microsoft® DirectShow® is an architecture for streaming media on the Microsoft Windows® platform. DirectShow provides for high-quality capture and playback of multimedia streams. It supports a wide variety of formats, including Advanced Systems Format (ASF), Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG), Audio-Video Interleaved (AVI), MPEG Audio Layer-3 (MP3), and WAV sound files. It supports capture from digital and analog devices based on the Windows Driver Model (WDM) or Video for Windows. DirectShow is integrated with other DirectX technologies. It automatically detects and uses video and audio acceleration hardware when available, but also supports systems without acceleration hardware.

Video Network

The Video-Network is used to view all cameras running in CamPermanent at further PCs. These PCs must have network access to the PC running the software. They are connected to the local area network or over the Internet. One PC is running the video-network server. To this PC all cameras are connected. On serveral other PCs the video-network client is running and connected to the server. Every client PC can use all cameras which are connected to the server PC as a RemoteCam.

AVI Creator

With the integrated AVI Creator you can generate videos from single images. For example you can capture single images from your camera every 30sec. through the whole day and create a video from all images showing the day in fast motion. Or you can observe the sky, capture an image every minute and generate a video showing the movement of the clouds!


With the integrated Webserver all camera videos are accessible through a direct HTTP request. So you could very easily build a webpage where all your camera videos are viewable from the Internet or your home/company LAN (Sample). Additional the webserver enables the possibility to control the program from remote. You could start/stop the camera preview, the motion detector, the scheduler, the video recording and capture a picture. For each camera separately! Additional you could start all programs which are installed on your system from remote through the webserver.

Media Viewer

With the integrated Media Viewer you could view the captured pictures and videos from your harddrive. You could delete files, create and delete directories. 

Multiple languages are supported



System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Server
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0