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1. Video Devices / Cameras

All kind of video devices (cameras) are supported.

  • Local Video Devices - USB Webcams, TV Tuner, video grabber/capture cards, FireWire devices
  • IP-Cameras - supporting still pictures (JPEG pictures)
  • IP-Cameras - supporting MJPEG-streams (Motion-JPEG video streams)
  • Multimedia streams/files - video streams from IP-Cameras, DVDs, CDs, files, network resources and YouTube videos
  • Demo Cameras - for testing the complete functionality without the need of a real camera (choose between the live desktop camera or bouncing balls).
    With the live desktop camera you can record everything that is going on on your Windows desktop.
  • Group Cameras - with this type you can join already running cameras into a new camera.
    With these "Group Camers" it is for instance possible to record several cameras into one and the same video, capturing several cameras into one picture etc..

2. Video Preview

The video preview windows of all running cameras can be arranged very flexibly.

3. Detector
The (Motion) Detector works in several different modes and very flexibly in intervals, at certain days/dates, always, etc. If a detection occurs, one or several different actions can be executed.
  • Select the relevant video image areas
  • Detector - Pixel Mode
  • Detector - Tiles Mode
  • Detector - Face Detection
  • Detector - Special Mode (checks the existence of files and the change of the video image)
    This could be used as an external trigger for detections.

4. Scheduler

The Scheduler works with a lot of functions in unlimited time ranges, time intervals, certain dates, etc.
Capture picture in intervals, record videos every day at certain times, upload images to your webspace every morning on weekdays and much more is easily possible.

5. Webserver
The integrated webserver supports the view and control of all video devices over the Internet or your local network. This is done by simple HTTP requests send by your used web browser.

6. Video-Network

The Video-Network is used to view all cameras running in CamDVR at remote PC's. These remote PC's are connected to the local area network or over the Internet.
For instance one high performance workstation PC is running CamDVR as the video-network server where all cameras are connected to. On serveral further (lower performance) PC's the CamDVR Remote Client is running and connected to the video-network server. Each remote client PC is able to display an overview over all cameras runnng at the server PC.


7. Video Player

Use the 24/7 Permanent Video Recording for all video devices and the video player to view the recorded videos. The video player is available as an integrated and additional as an external component. With the external video player, the recorded videos can be viewed on every PC without the need of CamDVR.
All recorded videos can be converted into a standard AVI video by the video player.


8. Image Filters

Many image filters are available and used by video previewing, image capturing, video recording and the detector. All filters can also be combined to achieve the required results.

... and more!

9. Information

CamDVR displays always live program information.

Overview Windows - displays all CamPages with the contained cameras

Statistics Window - displays program statistics

Actions Window - displays the currently running actions of the cameras

Detector Window - displays information about all running detectors

10. Android App

CamDVR Viewer for viewing a camera connected and running in CamDVR. 

You can download this App from the Google Play Store.

11. Manual

For detailed information about all functions and settings, there is a complete CamDVR manual available.
Please have a look at the CamDVR Manual.