Latest News

1 October, 2017

The new CamDVR is released

5 September, 2017

CamDVR Viewer 1.0, the new App for Android is released.
You can get the App from the Google Play Store

5 June, 2017

We released CamDVR A lot of improvements are done. Also for the VideoPlayer.

20 May, 2017

CamDVR was released today. 

5 March, 2017

CamDVR released.

2 January, 2017

CamDVR released.

23 October, 2016

CamDVR released. We did several internal improvements.

12 June, 2016

CamDVR released.

21 February, 2016

New prices for many products!

21 February, 2016

CamDVR now comes with the Lifetime License!

21 October, 2015

CamDVR released.

20 October, 2015

CamLAN, CamUniversal, CamPermanent are released now.

30 September, 2015

CamDVR comes with the Lifetime License. Buy the product once and get all further updates and new versions for FREE.

7 September, 2015

CamDVR is released now. New type <Group Cameras>.

27 April, 2015

CrazyClock 1.6 released.

25 February, 2015

CamLAN, CamUniversal, CamPermanent are released now.

19 January, 2015

CamDVR is released. Again several improvements are included.

10 January, 2015

At the moment we are busy improving our products. New features are coming.

22 October, 2014

CamDVR is released. Several improvements are included.

14 June, 2014

CamDVR is released. Now with multi language support.