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LevelOne WCS-2003
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Author:  Marc [ Sun Aug 26, 2007 1:37 pm ]
Post subject:  LevelOne WCS-2003


I have tested the LevelOne WCS-2003.

The URL for streaming MPEG4 is: http://<ip>:<port>/img/video.asf

You can use this URL in CamPermanent/CamLAN/CamUniversal and with the Windows Media Player!

The URL for the camera webserver is: http://<ip>/img/main_fs.htm

A strange behaviour is, that after enabling of the user authentication, the IE asks for the authentication datas, but the direct access of the MPEG4 stream (http://<ip>:<port>/img/video.asf) is still possible without authentication!

I haven't found the URL to the still picture yet!

Author:  darengr [ Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:53 pm ]
Post subject:  levelone 2060, 1060 ip cameras

Hi, this is the url to get the still image from these cameras (and I believe other levelone' s):
http://<ipaddress>/cgi-bin/video.jpg. It is also written on the user manual.

However, after reading the above mentioned post, I could not get the mpeg4 stream from the device.
What is the correct port you specify there?
The device has
a video port (default 5558),
an audio port (default 5556),
a rtsp port (default 554),
an http port (default 80),
and a serverport (default 514, quite undocumented, I found it on the config parameters screen file).
which one exactly you manage to get working, can you please tell me???
many thanks and regards,

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