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Author:  Rcww [ Thu Jan 31, 2008 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Capture Buffer

Hi ya!

Just tested and bought the Camuniveral quite happy in what it does, just wonder is it possible to add a buffer function so that if a motion is detected still /movies can captured on file x sec before detection as I find that by the time it is captured to file it is the end of the action. ie person get into car the picture / movie captures the car moving off rather the whole action.


Author:  m4rk [ Thu Jan 31, 2008 6:30 pm ]
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I had this problem also!!

As a workaround I reduced the area that is sensitive to motion to just the centre portion of the image. By the time CamUniversal reacts to motion in the centre then hopefully the trigger is still located within the captured image. It works mostly unless the motion is very fast through the scene.

I still haven't managed to stop CamUniversal capturing empty scenes. See my link for a recent example.

There seems to be many causes for this and Marc has addressed a few that I highlighted but I still find time consuming to get it work well with an outdoor scene.

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