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CamUniversal: Motion detection trigger-change in difference
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Author:  eacurtis [ Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:16 am ]
Post subject:  CamUniversal: Motion detection trigger-change in difference

Regarding CamUniversal 3.5, I found a need tonight to only allow a motion trigger when:

There is a 3% difference in the motion on the screen (currently built in: "% of the selected area must be different to report a motion")
There is a 2% change in the difference between the last 2 values returned.

Pic 1: Initial Picture
Pic 2: Same Picture (0% motion)
Pic 3: A car enters the frame (10% motion)
Pic 4: The car stays in the frame but moves to a new location (20% motion)
Pic 5: The car stays in the frame but moves to a THIRD location (20% motion)
Pic 6: The car stays in the frame but moves to a FOURTH location (20% motion)
Pic 7: A second car enters the frame and the first car moves to a FIFTH location (30% motion)
Pic 8: All cars leave the frame (20% motion)
Pic 9: No changes (0% motion).

Currently, the sytem will take the set actions after pic 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

However, if I could specify there must also be a change of atleast 2% between the recent motion values, I'd only get pics 3, 4, 7,8.

There are a few benefits of this:
1) Will allow motion capture to work better outside in dim, dark, or night conditions when the webcam returns an image that has red, green, and blue pixels floating on the screen (D-Link DCS-900's do this as well as others I'm sure).
2) Will cut down on false caputures outside due to fast moving clouds.

Lastly, CamUniversal is awesome! I've got it running 5 of my 6 webcams for uploads and have just started playing with the motion detection. I'm planning on adding 3 more cams as well. I'm plugging it on my website too ( - click on the picture of the pond in the center).

The only thing stopping me from decomming the other application I run is that it allows me to put something like "%wx43055" in the user text that is then changed to the current weather in my area as pulled from YAHOO!. But, since I only need that on 1 camera, I'm good for now.

Thanks, and great job on the program. CamUniversal is GREAT!

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