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With the software products from CrazyPixels, working with your video devices is an easy task! From private use to professional video surveillance – all areas are covered. The easy-to-use products are very powerful and flexible.








You can use our products to build a video surveillance system at your home or company with all available cameras. Webcams, IP-Cameras, Netcams, capture cards and more are supported. Please have a look at the free trial versions of our products

Additional you can find here some useful Freeware for your daily work!


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CamDVR - your Digital Video Recorder software

Live Camera

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Latest News

11 July, 2018

CamDVR released.

1 October, 2017

The new CamDVR is released

5 September, 2017

CamDVR Viewer 1.0, the new App for Android is released.
You can get the App from the Google Play Store

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